The Orphan Master's Son: Adam Johnson

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Heavyweight Ann Patchett’s eighth and latest novel The Dutch House unspools over five decades. It’s a finely structured and characterised story about the relationship of a brother, and a sister, their childhood Pennsylvanian mansion, and an unforgettable past. Patchett – winner of the Orange Prize for Bel Canto, based on the Japanese embassy hostage crisis in Lima in the 1990s – has said that The Dutch House “came out of the presidential election, and the celebration of wealth, the idea that nothing could be better than being rich”. The Nashville-based author and co-founder of indie bookshop Parnassus Books, discusses her work with Carole Beu, including what The Financial Times describes as one of her many strong suits: “the burden of emotional inventory and the central place it has in America today”.

Supported by Platinum Bold Patron Theresa Gattung.

Sat, 16 May 2020

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