The Orphan Master's Son: Adam Johnson

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The encyclopaedic three-century spanning Ockham NZ Book Awards shortlisted Crafting Aotearoa: A Cultural History of Making in New Zealand and the Wider Moana Oceania proposes a new idea of craft – where Māori, Pākehā, and Moana Oceania knowledges and practices are placed along each other and are given due weight. One of the book’s three editors Kolokesa Uafā Māhina-Tuai (co-founder of Auckland-based cultural consultancy Lagi-Maama) joins artist, curator and author Gregory O’Brien, who in his latest book Always Song in the Water: An Oceanic Sketchbook references his past collaborators (John Pule and Noel McKenna included) to re-imagine ourselves as an Oceanic people on a small island in a big piece of water. The pair range widely to consider making and identity.

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Fri, 15 May 2020

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