The Book and Beyond: Auckland Writers Festival exemplars

May 2020

The Book and Beyond: Auckland Writers Festival exemplars

The examples, based on books written by authors attending the Auckland Writers Festival Schools Programme, have been developed with National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Matauranga O Aotearoa to show you how you might use the tool to explore a book.

For those who are planning visits to the festival, The Book and Beyond exemplars provide:

  • a valuable introduction/way into the writers appearing in May
  • a way of engaging students/teachers with the writers
  • a tool to review revisit the books
  • provoke further inquiry and/or activities

If you're unable to visit the festival, use the tools to spark further reading and enjoyment in book clubs, literature circles and reading groups, in and out of the classroom, in the library, and curriculum contexts. The aim is not to ‘kill’ the book by analysing the life out of it, but to enthuse and engage your students with reading, ensuring they have not just the skill to read, but the will to read.