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BLINDNESS: Podcast 2 Reclaiming Blindness

BLINDNESS: Podcast 2 Reclaiming Blindness

This special edition of the Donmar Warehouse podcast was recorded in August 2020 to accompany the socially distanced sound installation BLINDNESS.

In this episode, writer Simon Stephens interviews Production Consultant Professor Hannah Thompson to unpack the representations of blindness in BLINDNESS - both José Saramago’s dystopian novel and this adaptation. They take the long view across centuries of literature whilst discussing the exciting possibilities for creatively centring the non-visual in theatre today.

Auckland Writers Festival, in partnership with Auckland Live, presents the Donmar Warehouse production of BLINDNESS. A socially-distanced sound installation and immersive theatre experience direct from the UK.

Event 01: BLINDNESS 32 Performances Tuesday 11 May - Sunday 16 May.

As an adjunct to Auckland Writers Festival & Auckland Live’s presentation of the Donmar Warehouse’s production of BLINDNESS, join disability advocate Martine Abel-Williamson, legally blind writer Steff Green and The University of Auckland Dean of Arts Dr. Robert Greenberg for a post-performance conversation about the controversy surrounding Saramago’s novel of the same name because of its negative representations of blindness, and the ways in which society privileges sight / the visual.

This conversation will take place on Friday May 14 at 3.30pm (immediately following the 2.15pm performance) in the Supper Room of the Auckland Town Hall, 301-317 Queen Street, and is free to attend.