The Orphan Master's Son: Adam Johnson
Photo by Charlie Clift

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Event 70


This special 90-minute evening session marks the first joint appearance in their newly adopted country for writers, thinkers, storytellers and partners Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. Joined on stage by Lucy Lawless, the fascinating and super-talented pair offer up a free-ranging conversation across craft, creativity, and community – how writing through a pandemic, together and apart, has helped them remain productive, creative and steady, and what their plans are for the days ahead – along with some musical surprises. A treat for fans and new audience alike.

Please note that there will be no book signing at the conclusion of this event. Pre-signed books will be available from the bookstore and both writers will sign at the conclusion of their Sunday sessions.

Neil Gaiman is also appearing in Event 73: The Universe of Story: Neil Gaiman
Amanda Palmer is also appearing in Event 87: There Will Be No Intermission: Amanda Palmer

Sat, 15 May 2021

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