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Found in the Wild: Helen Lehndorf, Sophie Merkens

Foraging was once a necessity of life but over time a lot of knowledge and wisdom has been lost. Two authors share their renewed passion for naturally-growing, locally-sourced food. In her memoir, A Forager’s Life, Helen Lehndorf finds solace in long walks, seeking out weeds and plants that provide sustenance for herself and her family. She interweaves descriptions of plants and the practices and recipes she has honed with an intimate story about belonging, marriage and motherhood. Photographer and food writer Sophie Merkens set off on an epic trip in her campervan from Cape Reinga to Bluff to interview 35 inspiring women who grow, gather, hunt and forage. Seaweed collectors, saltmakers, medicinal herbalists, beekeepers, fermenters and more – their stories are all brought together in Grow. The two authors speak with Nicky Pellegrino.

Sat, 20 May 2023

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