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Love, Grief and Sweat: Bill Hayes

In 2017 Bill Hayes released the beautiful and profound Insomniac City, about loving and losing his late partner, the widely adored author and neurologist Dr Oliver Sacks. His most recent book, SWEAT: A History of Exercise, seeks out the origins of our modern obsession with physical exertion. It’s not just about running, swimming, biking, boxing and lifting, although memoirist Hayes takes to it all with grief-ridden zeal as he goes deep into the history and culture behind why we do such things. Everybody from Hippocrates to Jane Fonda make appearances but chief among the historical figures is Italian physician Girolama Mercuriale, who penned De Arte Gymnastica in 1569. Hayes is a man of many passions, admired for his charming and idiosyncratic explorations including in How We Live Now: Scenes From a Pandemic, The Anatomist – A True Story of Gray’s Anatomy and Sleep Demons: An Insomniac’s Memoir. Expect an erudite and intriguing journey as he chats with Michèle A'Court.

Tue, 16 May 2023

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