The Orphan Master's Son: Adam Johnson

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Event 79

Mythbusters – An Ode To Joy: Chris Tse, Cadence Chung, Nadia Freeman, Jiaqiao Liu, Rushi Vyas, Zephyr Zhang

Celebrate the subversive power of POC and queer joy through lively discussion and readings with a panel of acclaimed emerging poets, chaired by New Zealand Poet Laureate Chris Tse. Together, they will challenge and defy the expectations and cliches perpetuated by the Model Minority Myth and other stereotypes. The writers are given free rein to explore the possibilities of new and radical narratives. Featuring teen sensation Cadence Chung (Anomalia), musician and performance poet Nadia Freeman (aka Miss Leading), Jiaqiao Liu (featured in Best New Zealand Poems and The Spinoff), two-time Finalist for the National Poetry Series Rushi Vyas, and Zephyr Zhang (Scenes from a Yellow Peril).

Root-Seeking series curated by Chris Tse.

Supported by Foundation North.

Sun, 21 May 2023

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