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The Book of Roads and Kingdoms: Richard Fidler

The Book of Roads and Kingdoms brings to life a dazzling culture of science, literature, philosophy and adventure arising out of the flourishing metropolis of Baghdad during Islam’s Golden Age. Australian writer / broadcaster Richard Fidler recounts how medieval Persian and Arab wanderers ventured by camel, horse and boat into the unknown, bringing back tales of wonder, horror and delight. Ever curious, Fidler’s previous bestsellers have also delved entertainingly into the history of worldly places – The Golden Maze (Prague), Ghost Empire (Constantinople) and Saga Land (Iceland). The host of ABC’s Conversations – Australia’s most downloaded podcast – speaks with broadcaster Jack Tame about what he describes as a ‘crazy quilt atlas of a lost world’.

Supported by Platinum Bold Patrons Joséphine & Ross Green.

Sat, 20 May 2023

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