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Event 39


World-renowned designer David Trubridge arrived in New Zealand in the 1980s after a five-year sailing journey with his young family from Britain. He’s gone on to become one of New Zealand’s most important designers, recognised for his distinctive pieces and his commitment to environmentally responsible design. In his new book The Other Way, he combines a love of photography honed with his unique artistic eye, with an exploration of his deeply felt connection to nature – from the blinding white light of Antarctica to the fecund darkness of Aotearoa’s fjords, and many other of the world’s wildest places. He speaks with Claire Mabey.

David Trubridge invites you to attend the launch of The Other Way at the conclusion of this session in the Heartland Bank Room Foyer (see Event 42).

Fancy lunch with David Trubridge? David will also be appearing our Festival lunches at Gusto at the Grand. Artist Mutations: Wednesday 24 August and Thursday 25 August: Standard $105, Patrons $95

Fri, 26 Aug 2022

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