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Event 22

Time to Get Off Social Media?: Jenny Odell, Albert Cho, Gwendoline Smith

Is the metaverse creating meta-anxiety? Are social media platforms owned by mega-rich nerds making the world a worse place? Or do we love the endless contacts so much there is no going back? Jenny Odell, author of How to Do Nothing and Saving Time makes the case for keeping your Facebook account, staying on Twitter, checking your email, but doing it all differently – not as asked, not as selfhelp. Insta influencer @eatlitfood and author of I Love My Stupid Life, Albert Cho loves social media because it makes him money and gives him a chance to connect with people – but he dislikes politics on any platform, and doesn’t touch Twitter. Psychologist and author of The Book of Feeling Blue, Gwendoline Smith thinks an increase in social anxiety is linked to social media, where people curate their lives, count likes, and create a dashboard of comparative judgement. They will debate how much we should let go, with Murdoch Stephens chairing.

Fri, 19 May 2023

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