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Everyday Acts of Racism: The University of Auckland Festival Forum (2019)

Last year the film writer and director Taika Waititi sparked debate when he declared New Zealand "racist as f***" and recounted being racially profiled as a teenager. The Human Rights Commission also reports that local instances of racism are on the increase. How do those who have never been subject to racism begin to understand the experiences of those who have? And is there an expectation that those who are the targets of casual and/or explicit racism must explain the indignities and implications of being perceived as other. Four eloquent writers bring their experiences and stories to the stage for a nuanced exploration of racism. Join David Chariandy (Canada), Jenny Erpenbeck (Germany), Nida Fiazi (Afghanistan/Aotearoa New Zealand), Leonie Hayden (Aotearoa New Zealand) and Victor Rodger (Aotearoa New Zealand), chaired by Carol Hirschfeld.