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Event 118

Beef: Writing Asian Female Rage

When the Emmy Award-winning Netflix series Beef screened in 2023, the story was overwhelmingly praised by the Asian diasporic community. But why did a series about two Asian American characters in a road-rage incident mark such a turning point in Asian representation? Writer and journalist Ian Kumamoto said it best when he wrote: “Finally, a show about angry Asians. Netflix’s Beef shatters so much of what we, as Asian Americans, were taught about holding in our rage.”

Nahyeon Lee joins Celeste Ng, Amanda Chong and Lee Murray to talk about writing rage as East Asian women. Spanning novels, poetry, horror writing and theatre making, together these women discuss the power of stories to deconstruct and confront harmful stereotypes and reflect on the past and future of representation.

Supported by National Arts Council, Singapore and Sing Lit Station.

Sun, 19 May 2024

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