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Event 43

Dai Henwood: The Life of Dai

Comedian Dai Henwood is as Kiwi as hokey pokey ice cream, jandals and L&P, and has won every major comedy award in Aotearoa New Zealand. Known usually for making the nation laugh, he received a phenomenal outpouring of sympathy and support when he shared the news in 2023 that he was living with stage four bowel cancer.

In Life of Dai, co-written with his good friend Jaquie Brown, he shares how his incurable cancer has been the ultimate teacher for what really matters, and has prompted him to find joy in life’s smallest moments.

In this exclusive first event about the book, he sits down with Jaquie to discuss his moving story: not one about cancer, but about living.

Fri, 17 May 2024

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