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The Science Behind Science Fiction

Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem is hailed as a groundbreaking work of speculative fiction with recommendations from the likes of Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg. As well as being a thrilling page-turner, it draws upon Cixin’s background as a computer scientist and utilises theoretical physics, astrophysics and mathematics with both accuracy and intrigue, drawing in both scientists and sci-fi fans alike.

With the upcoming Netflix adapted series 3 Body Problem, we invite its Aotearoa New Zealand-based lead actress Jess Hong and scientist and writer Octavia Cade, to discuss the science behind Cixin’s speculative world, and how science fiction can communicate some of the world’s most complex ideas to even the most science-averse readers. Chaired by Associate Professor Geoff Willmott, from RNZ’s Sci Fi / Sci Fact series.

Supported by Royal Society Te Apārangi & the Marsden Fund.

Sat, 18 May 2024

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